Art Celebration

Led by lucinda abel

An accessible arts project involving the community to create puppets celebrating stories from their local heritage. Presented in various exhibitions and shows for all!


Project steps

1: plan/produce art workshops for 'Puppet Animation: Celebrating Brighton's Stories' Project
1. Exhibition of Patcham High Art Workshops - University of Brighton- 4th-18th May 2. Drop in Art Workshop at Brighton Museum for Youth Art Festival -28th April 3. Puppet Workshop at Brighton Fringe Family Picnic 19th May
2: Make contacts for sustained 'Art Celebration' service in South
1. Approach local schools/youth organisations and services with 'Puppet Animation: Celebrating Brighton's Stories' project and integrate service with their services such as Concordia, Brighton Youth Centre etc.
3: Develop 'Art Celebration' service to create a networks to work with
1. Create a conference with N'emerge Artists, for other 02 Think Big projects and organisations to come to, to network and collaborate with each others projects.
4: Develop 'Art Celebration' service to work with other organisations
1. Collaborate with Red Kite Productions to create 'The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf' Puppet show at The Arts Theatre, West End 1st July for Children's Festival. 2. Work with The English Experience to create drama and art workshops for school summer camps in Italy.
5: Sustaining networks
1. Approach local schools/youth organisations and services in East of England on a part time bases in the future.
lucinda abel

Related Projects

Project updates

Level 2 complete

Project is complete

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Stories of the World in Parliament 24th July 2012

View the photos of our poetic provocation about young peoples involvement in Museums at Westminster Hall as part of Arts In Parliament. Read more about the event at

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Stories of the World in Parliament 24th July 2012

Collaborating with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery to curate and represent a new permanent World Stories Gallery as part of Stories of the World, a 2012 Cultural Olympiad project.

As a member of the Stories of the World Steering group to attend residential meetings and conferences to discuss issues and manifesto for young people involvement in museums.

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'The Gril Who Trod On The Loaf' Puppet Show at ARTS THEATRE LONDON WEST END

Read out our feature

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'The Gril Who Trod On The Loaf' Puppet Show at ARTS THEATRE LONDON WEST END

Twitter: Red_kite_uk

See photos and development of show at:

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'The Gril Who Trod On The Loaf' Puppet Show at ARTS THEATRE LONDON WEST END

Puppet show for all at Arts Theatre London West End,1st July 2012. Based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, following a wicked spoilt girl called Inge who falls down into hell…

The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf meets many eccentric characters along her travels through hell, this story is about her intriguing journey to redemption. A darkly charming and visually engaging piece using a long neglected tale of punishment and torture.

Red Kite Productions are a group of diverse artists graduated from Royal Holloway University and Brighton University. Their shows aim to create dynamic theatrical experiences by incorporating puppetry, including Bunraku, Marionette, Shadow Puppetry and OHP with and live and recorded music. Through playful collaboration they adapt well-known stories into visually stimulating theatre.

“A quietly charming and visually ravishing affair”

“A rewarding mature show from a young company”

Cast: Lucinda Abel, Hadleigh Harrison, Sarah Yadley, Sophia Sharpley, Lucy Gooch, Emma Maxwell, Lucy Bailey, Lillian Tsang, Roseanna Mann

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Nemerge Artists Networking Conference 2012

Programme of Events

Posted by: lucinda abel, Fri, Jul 6, 2012

Nemerge Artists Networking Conference 2012

Nemerge Artists aims to connect new and emerging artists locally and nationally through online social media & community-based events. The organization was set up by local grauduate students from Brighton University and Northbrook College who were interested in sustaining old and creating new networks with people sharing a common interest of the arts, whatever their discipline of practice. Nemerge Artists is formed of regional representatives that market N'emerge and promote the arts projects it is involved with providing communication between groups of practitioners and opportunities for people to get involved.

On 15th June 2012 after months of planning, Nemerge Artists presented their first Nemerge Artists Networking Conference at Northbrook College. The event was free and provided the valuable opportunity for local and national arts organisations, artists and companies to network and set up collaborative projects.

The day was a hub of creativity and diversity. There were showcases of new and emerging theatrical work, for example from local Brighton Theatre company Spun Glass Theatre, and presentations of viral music videos and photography work by local Worthing photographer DarrenM:Photography, #worthing50. There were art installations and workshops facilitated by Artist Lucinda Abel,, to engage participants in visualising and stimulating discussions. Throughout the day the progress of the conference was recorded onto the Comment-tag-tree installation and offered a platform for participants to exchange contacts, skills, project ideas, give feedback and ask questions.

“Support is good”, “inspiration, knowledge, avenues for creation, meeting new people. Making connections through love of art and music” “new contacts for further projects” Participants comments on the conference

There were seminars which involved debate around the issues and challenges in each participants own personal projects and through discussion support was offered.

After the Conference participants celebrated at our Big Noise After Party at FortyTwo Bar in Worthing. There were offerings of intimate local music performances from artists such as Bradley Hicks, DJ’s, food, and another chance to network and socialise.

If you have a project or an idea that you would like to get started then get in contact at and involved with spreading the Nemerge Big love, #nemergebiglove on twitter

"We are all so proud of you. Bring on the next one!” Vanessa Cornford, Lecturer and participant at Conference from Northbrook College

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Nemerge Artists Networking Conference 2012

See photos and videos at

Read article at:

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My Art Celebrationg project available in a book

View previews of the book and buy it at:

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My experience collaborating with Brighton Museum

Read my experience collaborating with Brighton Museum at

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Video of Exhibition of Puppet Animation Celebrating Brighton's Stories

University of Brighton, 15/05/12

Posted by: lucinda abel, Tue, May 22, 2012

Previews and press release of Puppe Animaton Celebrating Brighton's Stories Exhibiton and Show

To read the press release of exhibition and show:

To read the interview with Festival Previews:

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Radio Reverb interview

May 4th 5-6pm.

Posted by: lucinda abel, Fri, May 18, 2012

Youth Arts Festival Launch Night

Puppet Animation Celebrating Brighton's Stories linked with Youth Arts Festival to share the work created to young people across the city. The launch night was a great event that showcased the work from young people and youth services.

To see more:

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Show of Puppet Animation Celebrating Brighton's Stories

University of Brighton. 15th May 12-2pm

To view more:

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Exhibition of Puppet Animation Celebrating Brighton's Stories

Foyer at University of Brighton 3rd-18th May.

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Vote for our Puppet Animations to be shown at 2012 London Olympic Stadiums


To celebrate Brighton's unique and diverse seafront culture Puppet animations were created with Year 9 Patcham High School students and Young Artist from University of Brighton, Lucinda Abel.

Applying the Olympic value of excellence to the process and craftsmanship of creating puppets we explore a new perspective on our sense of place in the world in 2012 and share our local culture to people from all over the world in the 2012 London Olympic Celebrations!

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Mar 12, 2012

Exhibition tour of 'Puppet Animation: Celebrating Brighton's Stories'

The project is getting bigger and is going on tour as part of Brighton Fringe Festival and Youth Art Festival!

Join the project on Facebook:

Follow the project on twitter:!/puppetbrighton

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Feb 20, 2012

Shadow Puppet Workshop at Woodingdean Primary School


Thank you for this morning. The children really enjoyed making the puppets.

I've attached a few photos for you.

Thanks again and maybe see you again in the future.

Best wishes,


Posted by: lucinda abel, Fri, Feb 10, 2012

Level 1 complete

£300 project complete

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Exhibition of Puppet Films Celebrating Stories from Brighton Seafront 16/01/12

A successful multi media celebratory exhibition documenting the process into the enquiry of celebrating stories from the community. The craftsmanship of puppetry was challenged during a durational puppet animation workshop using projected looped documentaries of previous workshops in communities with interviews from participants. A discourse around creating a shared sense of place was explored using 'the workshop' environment where pedagogy structures open up new spaces for exploration that challenges participant’s imaginations to create images from their personal experiences. Using the power of making and storytelling, awareness and questions were raised into our arguably depleting sense of community in a fast paced information age.

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Jan 30, 2012

Puppet Animation: Celebrating stories from Brighton Seafront

Patcham High School Year 9's create puppet characters and stories inspired by visual research and archived footage from South East Screen Archive from Brighton Seafront

Posted by: lucinda abel, Fri, Jan 27, 2012

puppet Animation: Celebrating stories from Brighton Seafront

University of Brighton students share memories from Brighton Seafront to make puppet animations and puppets are made from found materials.

Posted by: lucinda abel, Fri, Jan 27, 2012

Puppet Workshop with Performance and Visual Artists at University of Brighton -05/12/11

We brainstormed personal stories and turned them into a filmic plot AND created these amazing puppet characters from the stories in 1 hour! Pheeew!

Posted by: lucinda abel, Thu, Dec 8, 2011

Study into curation at 'Stories of the World' Exhibition at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

As a young representative I attend meetings and conferences with other museums on issues involving the development of the “Stories Of The World Exhibition” at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery where I give my opinion and learn the strategies of curating.

“To mark the London 2012 Olympic games the gallery will display Brighton Museum’s stunning collections from Africa, Asia, the Americas and the pacific alongside contemporary art and artifacts. The gallery is being developed in partnership with young people from Brighton and Hove, and with active involvement of communities from around the world. Images, sound a film will be used to bring the displays to life and temporary displays, hands on activities and a comfortable seating area will be included in the design.”

"World Stories." Home. Web. 11 Nov. 2011. <>.

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Study into creating Martha Gunn puppet character for puppet film

"Martha Gunn, the most famous of Brighton's bathing women (also known as &amp;quot;dippers&amp;quot;), was born in the seaside village of Brighthelmstone (Brighton) in 1726. Martha came from an old fishing family, but when sea-bathing became popular in the 1740s, she found employment as a &amp;quot;dipper&amp;quot; on Brighton's seafront.

Sea-bathing for pleasure did not really become a popular activity until the 1730s. (A letter written from Brighton in 1736 by Reverend William Clarke mentions &amp;quot;bathing in the sea&amp;quot; as one of his regular holiday activities). The idea of bathing in the sea for health reasons was promoted by Dr. Richard Russell (1687-1759), a doctor of medicine who practised as a physician in Lewes. Dr. Russell believed that sea water could cure a number of diseases. In 1750, Dr. Richard Russell published a book, in which he prescribed drinking sea-water and recommended sea-bathing. Dr. Russell encouraged his patients to visit the nearby seaside resort of Brighthelmstone (a place-name later to be shortened to Brighton) where they could drink sea-water and immerse their bodies in the sea.

In the 18th century, mixed bathing, where men and women swimming alongside each other, was discouraged. To ensure proper modesty, special &amp;quot;bathing machines&amp;quot; were introduced. The 'bathing machine' was a small, wooden hut on wheels. Seaside visitors who intended to bathe in the sea could climb into the hut, remove their clothes and change into their swimming costumes without being spied upon. The wheeled huts or 'bathing machines' were then rolled or pulled into the sea by strong bathing attendants. (At some resorts, horses were used to pull the bathing machines out into deeper waters and to haul them back on to the shore when the bather had finished swimming). Female bathers, in particular, felt more comfortable and less exposed if they could enter the sea without being stared at by the holidaymakers and sightseers on the shore.

As Dr. Russell had done in the early 1750s, bathing machine proprietors employed fishermen and their womenfolk to help the bathers into the sea. Tough, muscular fishermen and boatmen assisted the male swimmers and the fishermen's wives, sisters and daughters, if they were strong and sturdy enough for the job, helped to dip women and children. The male bathing attendants were generally known as bathers and the female attendants, who assisted women and children, were called 'dippers'

Martha Gunn, who came from a well-known family of fishermen, probably started work as a ladies' bathing attendant or 'dipper' when she was a young woman in her twenties, yet she did not completely retire until 1814, when she was in her late eighties."

&amp;quot;Martha Gunn.&amp;quot; Sussex PhotoHistory. Web. 28 Nov. 2011. <>

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Study into reworking story of Dr William Russell's Residence 14.11.11

An animation capturing a narrative of starlings at Brighton Pier near the grounds of Royal Albion Hotel.

'In 1753, Dr. Richard Russell had a house built on Brighton's seafront (where the Royal Albion Hotel now stands). Russell House, situated near the Steine and overlooking the sea, became Dr. Russell's home and medical centre. Now based in Brighton, Dr. Russell could personally supervise the sea-water treatment of his patients. At this time, people were often nervous about entering the sea and so Dr. Russell employed local fishermen and their womenfolk to help immerse the patients in the sea and to make sure they were not swept away by the unpredictable waves.

At the same time that people were visiting Brighthelmstone (Brighton) to take Dr. Russell's sea-water cure, sea-bathing as a healthy leisure activity was becoming increasingly popular. Wealthy families and even members of the Royal Family chose to visit Brighthelmstone (Brighton) to breathe in the sea-air and enjoy the entertainments provided by the rapidly developing sea-side resort."

"Martha Gunn." Sussex PhotoHistory. Web. 28 Nov. 2011. <>.

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Study into Dr. William Russell's Residence at Royal Albion Hotel, 14.11.11

"Royal Albion Hotel, Old Steine - Dr Richard Russell (1687-1759). Famous for his 'seawater cure' which helped to establish Brighton as a resort, Dr Russell lived in a house on this site from 1753 to 1759."

A site specific film was created capturing the uses of the Royal Albion Hotel area today. See stills below.

"Brighton Blue Plaques." Brighton Tourist Information Guides from Visit Brighton. Web. 28 Nov. 2011. <>.

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Floating Memories-Digitisation of Archival Content Workshop


Digitisation of Archival Content – sharing expertise

Cost: Free

Date: Wednesday 7 December

Venue: University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton

Time: 1pm - 4pm

A workshop hosted by the University of Brighton Design Archives in collaboration with the Brighton Swimming Club Archive.

Many organizations are digitising their collections to provide wider access to their holdings. This workshop has been designed to give participants from different backgrounds an insight into the care and digitisation of archival materials.

Note: This event is for students and other volunteers interested in gaining work experience in the field of digitisation through working with the Floating Memories project.

About Floating Memories

Brighton Swimming Club has received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create an accessible archive that delves into a fascinating and extensive heritage of swimming in Brighton using archives that date back to 1860. For more details visit"

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Using archive footage of Brighton Swimming Stories

"Dear Lucinda

Many thanks for contacting the Screen Archive – your project sounds interesting.

As a first step, if you could take a look at our screen search website :

And then supply us with a list of films from here you would like to view.

We will then be able to make an appointment with you to come in and look at them and take it from there.

With kind regards

Debbie Hickmott

Administrator – Thurs - pm/ Friday/Monday

Screen Archive South East

University of Brighton

Grand Parade

Brighton BN2 0JY

Tel: 01273 643213

e:mail "

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Project Statement- Who, What, Where, When and Why?

An accessible celebratory Olympic arts project involving the community to create puppet films centered around the 2012 London Olympic values and stories inspired by local archived footage of Brighton's seaside swimming history, presented in various exhibitions documenting the project.

The project involves a community of 14 year olds making puppet films inspired by the 2012 Olympic values of courage, determination, equality, excellence, friendships, inspiration and respect. From January 9th 2012 for a period of 5 weeks, 2hour workshops will be given to ten 14 years olds to learn the skill of puppetry and film making and using local archive footage as a starting point, create stories; commenting upon the history of Brighton as a swimming resort now and then, for three 3 minute puppet films, creating a legacy of a new archive.

The films will be screened in various celebratory events for the wider community to participate in, such as a presentation at Patcham High School in February 2012 and an exhibition at University of Brighton in May 2012 celebrating the process and documentation of the project. The films will be screened at a young peoples films festival at the Duke of York Picture House in Brighton in June 2012.

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Practice Puppet Workshop

"All Day Adult's Puppet Making Workshop

Presented by: Norwich Puppet Theatre

Sun 27th Nov 2011

Price: £35.00

Running time: 5 hours 30 minutes

Ages: 16+

A chance for adults to explore their creative side in a full day making workshop. The workshop will give the opportunity to spend time to paper sculpt the head, create hands and costume the puppet.

The theme for the style of puppet for this session will be a table-top rod puppet - but the character you give your puppet is up to you ... it can be as realistic or fantastical as you want it to be!

All materials are provided, however if you have some special material etc. you want to incorporate into your puppet then please bring along with you."

Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Email from Visual Art Developer at Patcham High School

"Hi there,

Just to give you an update Warren has put forward 10 names (below), and I’m waiting to hear back from Vikki and Hannah to confirm that lesson 3&amp;4 on Thursdays are good to go. Lucinda, did you have a letter written up already telling the students about the project that could be sent out? Robyn, would you normally give these letters out in person or send them out to parents? Lucinda If you want to write up the body of the letter I can get it checked and pop it into the correct school letter template.


Emer Gillespie

Visual Art Developer

Patcham High School

Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 8PB

Tel: 07928101525


Posted by: lucinda abel, Mon, Nov 28, 2011

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