Youth partners

We want to help young people most in need - and we know if can be difficult to reach and engage them. So we work with a network of Youth Partners across the UK to encourage young people to take advantage of the support we offer.

Become a youth partner

Interested in becoming one of our Youth Partners? Let us know using the form below, and we'll be in touch.

Enquire to become a Youth Partner

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Why become a youth partner?

To use the Think Big Hub in London at a reduced rate.

Access to ‘Think’ ideation sessions to get your young people thinking creatively about their projects.

To attend twice yearly Youth Partner Networking Events.

Access to digital training sessions to give your young people essential skills in areas such as web and app development, photo editing and basic IT hardware.

Access to additional opportunities from O2, gig tickets, events etc.

The chance to work with O2 staff volunteers.

Dedicated support from a member of staff from the Think Big Team.

Access for your young people to attend a variety of free exciting online and offline training and events, aimed at building their projects, their skills and getting more digital knowledge and experience.

Free Think Big promotional materials and use of the Think Big branding.

Ringfenced Think Big projects exclusively set aside for youth partners.

What you'd be doing

Ensuring project leaders are spending their grant in a responsible way.

Supporting your young people through the Think Big application process, ensuring they are meeting grant criteria and working towards realistic milestones.

Collecting written and video case studies of your project leaders so we can highlight successes on Think Big platforms.

Helping your project leaders put together a team of volunteers from their peers.

Supporting project leaders to complete essential monitoring and evaluation information.

Providing regular support to project leaders as they deliver their projects.

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