Career Ear: the app bringing instant career advice to your inbox

Find out how Claudine is using tech to support young career-seekers in an innovative way...

26 year old Claudine Adeyemi is a Think Big project leader. Her project, Career Ear, won 'Best STEM Project' at the Think Big Digital Awards last week. Career Ear is a mobile app through which young people can talk to professionals to get career advice.

Students can download the Career Ear app and type in any career-related question that they have, tag it with an industry, and have a professional (who has also downloaded the app) respond with their tips and advice.  The aim of the project is to improve accessibility to quality careers advice.

Claudine studied law and since becoming a qualified solicitor two years ago, has developed a passion for helping other young people develop skills and launch a successful career. This led her to apply to O2’s Think Big programme for funding so she could kick start her idea.

‘I am often told by young people that careers advice services are out of date and only cover a handful of professions. I realised that young professionals (like myself) are actually the best people to give young career-seekers tips and guidance based on their own recent experiences.  I wanted to create a platform that would be accessible to all no matter what your background or geographical location is. That’s how Career Ear was born!’

Career Ear has already had over 150 downloads and students using the app are getting tailored advice. The app also enables professionals to support job-seekers in their communities.

We asked Claudine about her proudest achievement so far.

‘I had zero tech knowledge at the beginning of this project but was able to manage the project through to having a mobile app go live in both the App store and Play store. I cannot describe my excitement (and relief) when I got the email confirmation that the app had gone live and was available for download!’

Congratulations on your award Claudine!


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