O2 Think Big Made Me Think Bigger

Being in my final year of university and facing the prospect of entering the ‘real world’ of work, I decided to actively search for work experience to help me decide what sector I wanted to enter. Here I found the chance to shadow the Senior Community Manager, Kerry North, at O2.

Through a Google search I found GoThinkBig, a website offering help in starting my career alongside work experience opportunities I could apply for. I was impressed with the different opportunities to work with big name brands across the country and applied for a work shadow role with O2. As a student of Public Relations I’ve naturally become interested in any form of communication, so when I saw the job description noted community support and social media as an important part of Kerry’s position, I took the chance to explore a role that seemed more niche and unique.

I travelled to O2 ready for the day ahead; first Kerry gave me a guided tour of the building, which I must say is pretty impressive! I got to meet the Think Big team, learn about their different roles and what they do on a day-to-day basis, and I sat in on an internal team meeting. I even met the CEO Ronan Dunne. Pretty cool for a work experience girl!

Before my day at O2, I thought O2’s only communications activity was O2 priority, and now I can say my opinions have been changed. In just one day I’ve learnt a lot more what goes on behind the scenes at O2, and the exciting projects in place for young people and the community. It’s also been great to see how what I’ve learnt in lectures is put into practice to create new activities for a big brand like O2.

I am glad I decided to try something new, as I left with better insight and knowledge of O2 and the communications side of the brand. It has also given me the chance to think of my future career path - I will definitely consider this side of the business after learning about the possibilities.

Finally, a big thank you to Kerry and the Think Big team for a great day! Highlight of the day? Getting to sit in the actual throne Beyonce has seated her famous self on!

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