Beatfreeks UK Ltd.

Beatfreeks is a social enterprise, which engages young people in arts, media, training, enterprise, and leadership opportunities. We are youth engagement consultants; we design and deliver projects, campaigns and programmes, which engage young people as audiences, participants, creators and leaders. We offer our consultancy services, as well as event management, media production and training services to organisations nationwide. We currently operate in the West Midlands, with a national reach, and are in the process of setting up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are an inclusive organisation and don't target all of our provision to a particular group of young people. However, we have worked with young offenders, young people with autism, young people with mental health issues as well as NEETs. Young people influence every stage of our strategy, delivery and evaluation. Our Founder and CEO is 23 and our board of directors is 50% under 30. We have a Youth Steering Committee which feeds into the board (10 young people aged 17 - 25). We consult with young people and are commissioned by large organisations to collect and analyse the opinions and needs of young people. We are completely led bottom-up and ensure we are accountable to young people at every stage of our design, delivery and measurement of our projects and activities. Finally, we employ young people - from sessional facilitators to our project managers. We create a much needed space for young people to be involved in what we do. We have a vigorous safeguarding policy for working with young people. We create safe spaces, both online and offline, for young people to be creative, share their stories and to express themselves. We make sure our staff are all DBS covered, understand our policies and procedures, and are trained to the highest standard. Everyone comments on Beatfreeks energy, enthusiasm and great team! We are a small team of 5, who are skilled in different areas from facilitation, to project management, to delivery to M&E systems. We are youth-led, a friendly team who love what we do. We are passionate about our work, and the people we work with and this is evidence in our exponential growth since starting in 2013. We provide platforms for young people to experiment, grow and gain confidence - we pride ourselves on a varied programme which achieves this. Some examples include our 'Sandbox' days where we open our space to workshop facilitators to trial activities and exercises in a safe space and receive feedback. We run training days including 'Train the Trainer' bootcamp and training workshops for the team. We run a 'Skills Share' programme where our staff trade on skills for example someone could teach someone how to use Microsoft Excel in return for someone teaching how to engage difficult young people. We run an internal 'Beatfreeks Everyday Hero' award scheme where we recognise individual achievements of our team. We offer opportunities for young people to volunteer, get work, be an apprentice, be on the board - there are many progression routes internally and we also signpost to other external opportunities. Our CEO and our Community Arts Apprentice will be responsible for working with the young people on their o2 Think Big projects which will feed directly into our Powered By programme. We are committed to making sure our opportunities are available to everyone and make ourselves available to find contingencies to any potential risks or barriers to getting involved. We have many ways of celebrating young people's achievements from promoting their achievement on our social media, to our Beatfreeks EveryDay Heroes, to certificates for finishing projects or programmes. We hold socials to get together and generally celebrate our work as well as inviting young people to our events. We include young people's successes in our press releases and press involvements. We offer many young people opportunities to lead. Firstly, we offer sessional facilitation opportunities for young people to lead our weekly and intensive summer academies (which creates paid employment). We have our Youth Steering Committee, which includes a Chair and Deputy Chair role. We have an annual Community Arts Apprentice who takes on their own projects to lead. We incubate young people's project ideas and help them to set up and lead their own projects. We run training in leadership and are associated to The Art of Leadership training programme, by Birmingham Leadership Foundation, which trains young creative leaders. We exist to give young people the chance, skills and support to lead in their own lives, communities and in workbased environments.
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