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Helping all reach their potential through sport Disadvantaged young people Disengaged young people Our programs are led by the young people involved in our activities from their training sessions to writing their own CV's, settings SMART targets for where they want to be in the future and completing accredited courses through our volunteering program. Additionally I want to inspire the young people on our projects to independently lead their own projects by applying for O2 funding - surely the biggest example of a "youth-led activity"! We allow all of our young people freedom of speech and always encourage them to plan about their future. We try to create an environment which has no fear of failure where no question is 'stupid' and all ideas are embraced but also realistically discussed. Being a sports based charity risk assessments and safety is at the forefront of our minds. All of the staff on our projects are young (relatively speaking!) and relate to the young people we work with. We have often experienced prejudice towards us due to our young age and are passionate that does not happen to our young people. We boast a highly qualified and experienced group of staff who put the young people at the center of everything we do. Additionally we regularly check that the service we offer our young people is what they are seeking and do amend our activities based on feedback. The amount a young person can grow within our organisation is dependent on how much they wish to engage with us. Simply put we run free sporting sessions which offer young people a distraction activity away from anti-social behavior. However at these sessions all participants are given 1on1 time with a liaison officer who tries to engage them with future planning and SMART goals. This can lead the participant into volunteering, gaining vocational qualifications as well as potentially enrolling on our full time education programs. Failing that we have over 25 partnerships with organisations in South London who we signpost our young people towards. We do not charge any of our participants to engage in activities with our charity - we want our services to be fully inclusive. Our staff fully support young people and we constantly shout about their successes through social media and our website. We have a can do attitude which aims to meet the demands of our young people; if we do not currently have the infrastructure or partnerships in place we will actively source a pathway for that individual. We have a full time employee called our 'project liaison officer' who is designated to the 'softer' side of our program. He is a someone to talk to who has the time, expertise and experience to help each participant. Alongside this employee Harry Hudson, who received funding as a young person from O2, is passionate about helping mentor young people to bring their ideas from their heads to reality. We use a variety of social media to shout about what we do including facebook, twitter, instagram and our website where we have an ongoing news feed and blog section. Additionally we have had local press coverage of our outcomes and positive community stories. An example can be found on our website: We also have an impact tab on our website which demonstrates our positive community impact with young people. Currently if our young people volunteer their time in their local community then our organisation will fund accredited coaching qualifications which then allows our young people to gain employment. Usually this employment is back on the community project that they attend previously, before engaging with us, but this time as a project coach. They act as young role models to others in their community to show that if they engage in pro-social activities they can further themselves away from crime and unemployment.
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