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Hello there ! I just wanted to know as to when I will hear back from you in regards to my submission?

Thank you very much


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hello i would like to know when ill be getting funded. from project manager tanisha

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Hi, I just wanted to know when the project would be funded. Thanks.

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looking forward to feed back :)

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Hiya, I tried to email earlier regarding funding and the timescale of hearing from a member of your team but it said it was unable to send/connect.
Please can someone advise?
Many Thanks

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Hello, just wondering if you could tell me when I will hear back from you about our project being approved ? Thanks

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My Youth Mentor is also deaf and there is no option for him to be contacted by text only. The same applies on the application form where I had to type text only on my application.

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Seems like your system is not working

Come up