National youth education organisation that supports 13 - 24 year olds to create and deliver community action projects. Envision is an inclusive organisation working with lots of different groups of people but also by bringing them together. We have delivered targeted programmes to young people with Special Educational Needs, young ex-offenders and young people from disadvantaged areas. At the heart of Envision lies a very strong youth-led ethos. From the way we run our programmes to our organisational direction and focus. Our programmes are based around encouraging young people to identify issues they are concerned about and then supporting them to create and deliver their own social action projects aimed at tackling that issue. With young people taking the lead in what and how their projects take shape the range of issues and activities that develop through the programme are extremely broad. In the past the projects have included raising awareness of domestic violence, challenging negative stereotypes, introducing environmental efficiencies and improving local areas. Our youth-led approach has meant that our programmes encourage young people to take greater responsibility for their projects and the personal achievement creates a deep impact that inspires them to achieve more. All our staff and volunteers are trained facilitators and are CRB checked. Our staff are experienced in supporting young people with emotional or behavioural problems and our programmes are designed to ensure that they receive the most appropriate support. We operate Child Protection Policy that is effective and regularly reviewed. A copy of which can be supplied on request. Our staff have a range of prior experience working with young people in various different contexts and many of our interns go on to take up teaching positions. Our recruitment process ensures that the staff we hire have a strong background in youth work, have strong facilitation skills and are committed to delivering youth-led programmes. Part of our recruitment process (for facilitators) includes asking candidates to deliver a short workshop to a group of young people. The group are made up of volunteers from the Grad Network and provide valuable feedback on how they felt the candidate had performed. Grads are also invited to sit on interview panels enabling them to get first hand experience of how the interview process works. Our end of year reports show that of the young people who completed the Envision Schools Programme: 96% felt they had improved their communication skills 89% said their leadership skills at improved 90% said that they felt more able to tackle problems around them Every young person that completes the Envision School Programme is awarded a certificate at the end of year Summer Ceremony. The emphasis of this event is to mark their achievement and celebrate the success of delivering their projects. Over the years we've also seen many Envision Teams win awards for their projects. In the past groups have won Diana Awards, Spirit of London Awards and this year an Envision Team has reached the final of the vinspired awards and one of our Grad's was named a finalist in the Climate Week Awards. As well as our trained staff we have a network of volunteers and business mentors that visit the Envision teams on a weekly basis. At the beginning of the academic year each school is assigned an Envision staff member and 2 adult volunteers. The team may also be matched with a business mentor to gain additional skills and knowledge around their particular project. The assigned staff and volunteers meet the teams each week for a lunchtime meeting. These meetings are where the team plan and organise their projects with support from the Envision staff member and volunteer/business mentor. This meeting is an opportunity for the team to raise an problems that they may be having, discuss solutions and organise their activity for the next week. As well as the weekly meetings the teams may also plan visits to organisations or businesses related to their project. The Envision staff member will help coordinate arrangements with the school and parents and will accompany the group on their visit. The Envision teams are supported throughout the process right up until they deliver their final project. We encourage the Envision Teams to share their project outcomes with the local community. We do this by helping them produce press release which we send to their local newspapers and local council and by sharing their successes with their school and local decision-makers. We also shout out their successes through our Facebook page and through other social media networks like Twitter and You Tube. At the end of the programme we invite teams to volunteer as case study examples that help demonstrate both the impact their project have had on their community and the impact the programme has had on them. We showcase these case studies on our website, through our newsletters and in our reports to funders. At the end of the programme we hold a Summer Ceremony where each young participant receives a certificate and we celebrate their achievements. Last year we celebrated our 10th birthday with our first ever national awards ceremony which saw young people from Leeds, Birmingham and London come together for a circus-themed event at the Emirates Stadium. There are a number of ways we offer leadership opportunities. Young people on the Schools programme lead their own projects over a 9 month period giving them the opportunity to work with teachers, members of the local community and local businesses. Young people that complete the Schools Programme are invited to join the Grad Network. Envision Grads have the opportunity to take part in a range of training days and workshops that help develop their leadership skills. We also offer them the chance to get actively involved in events, activities and campaigns. For example, our Grads have sat on Transport Advisory Committee's, have acted as spokesperson at policy events, taken on ambassador roles at networking events and helped Envision staff deliver training and consultancy workshops. We are currently running a programme called Young London Leaders as part of the London Sustainable Development Commission London Leaders programme. This project has enabled the young leaders to not only forge strong links with City Hall but has broadened their knowledge and networks and helped them develop core skills that will benefit them in their future roles.
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