somewhereto_ is a nationwide project to help 16–25 year olds find the space they need to do the things they love. Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, somewhereto_ is a nationwide project to help young people find the space they need to do the things they love, within sport, culture and the arts. All young people need somewhereto_ do the things they love. And we’re here to help those who don’t have that space or place. How? By opening up spaces and connecting young people with local space-holders, via our website, regional coordinators, competitions, events and more. somewhereto_ is run by Livity, a social enterprise, in media partnership with Channel 4 Education.   The project is funded by Legacy Trust UK, an independent charity set up to help build a lasting cultural and sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games across the UK.   Established with a £40 million endowment from the Big Lottery Fund, Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Arts Council England, Legacy Trust UK is a Principal Funder of the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival. somewhereto_ is a nationwide project to help 16–25 year olds find the space they need to do the things they love. The young person says what their passion is and what they would like to do and we work with them on their youth-led activity to find them the space they need to do the thing they love. somewhereto_ works with young people to identify their space needs and works with them to find them spaces in their area, or if a young person finds a space they like, we’ll guide them through the next steps to secure there somewhereto_. Livity offices and Live magazine, the central hub of somewhereto_ are a safe space for young people. Somewhereto_ ensures a safe space for young people by working with them to find a space suitable for them to explore their passions. We have systems and processes in place that protect and support young people and keep them safe. Our processes support the somewhereto_ journey to provide young people with spaces that are comfortable and safe to use. We provide guidance on health and safety and our regional coordinators work with young people so that they understand and can support this process. All of our staff are great! They are qualified, skilled and committed to helping young people find the spaces they need to do the thing they love. Our regional coordinators, who work with young people everyday on the ground, are all organisations that have been recruited because of the outstanding work they do with young people. They have a track record of working with young people and creating a welcoming, friendly environment where young people can grown and develop. Involving young people in finding their own somewhereto_ helps to develop skills and confidence in young people. By providing a young person with the space to do the thing they love, somewhereto_ enables them to explore their passion in a new environment and take it further if they wish. Young people have the opportunity to share their passion with a new audience and build their confidence by taking part in their somewhereto_ journey. All staff at Livity are committed to supporting young people to grow and one of the ways we do this is by each committing to 1 hour mentoring a week with the young people we welcome into our offices. somewhereto_ ensures that all young people are supported to achieve and grow. Young people have a regional coordinator who supports them through their somewhereto_ journey. With regional coordinators based in every region in the UK and a core central support hub, we ensure a fair system and structure for all young people. Our staff have a background of working with young people, all are supportive and understanding and know when to refer a young person to specialist support services. We work with young people to find them the space they need to do the things they love, regardless of resources, equipment or financing and our team work within the community to overcome barriers to participation. somewhereto_ has nominated 2 staff that can support the Think Big programme. Our Central Support Manager, Laura Horsley, will support all enquiries from young people centrally. Jiselle Steele, our Regional Team Manager, will support our regional coordinators to understand and support the Think Big programme throughout the UK. somewhereto_ success stories are shared with others via and will be shared and celebrated nationally through our partnerships with Channel 4 and our nationwide PR strategy. These positive success stories will be promoted throughout the UK, presenting the achievements of young people. We have high profile Dream Spaces that give young people the opportunity to use high profile spaces to fulfil their passion. We have spaces confirmed at London 2012 Festival, celebrating the Cultural Olympiad. These will all create success stories to share nationally, celebrating young people’s achievements. Young people lead all somewhereto_ activities. Through our regional coordinators young people will be encouraged and supported to lead their own somewhereto_ and build upon their successes and continue engagement and leadership with somewhereto_. Once young people have completed their somewhereto_ journey, they are also given the opportunity to become ambassadors for the project, spreading the word about somewhereto_ to encourage other young people to make the most of the support that is available.
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