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After a busy year, we've had to do some catching up with the more office based, but ever so curtail things like viewing and booking venues, organising tours etc. Now it's play time! As we get ready for a spring tour we have to take account of what we have and what we need!! So...lets put the set up, get out the measuring tape and let our imaginations go wild!

When we created our show Finders Keepers back in June/July 2015 we had space, time and an amazing team that built us the most beautiful set one could imagine. Sure it was made of scrap and bits from the dump, but in our magical little world, it was a palace! Now we need to make that Palace more, well...portable...and flexible! Thats where our wonderful Head Tech Laura comes in, we create the shows, she creates the world!!

So what are we doing here Laura?

Well ya see, what we need to do is take account of what we already have, and how we can make it better, stronger, and easier to pop up and down, so we can get in and out of spaces fast without having to build and it and unbuild each time. We also need to find more economical ways to use the space. So the girls need to get in the space and have a play around. So we're having a little rehearsal, a little bit of devising, meanwhile, I can work out how I can change things in the workshop! It also gives me a chance to show the girls exactly how the set works so they have a better understanding of how it works as a structure and how to build it and take it down safely!

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Well its been an exciting few months!!! We have had a small spring tour, audiences loving the show with some great feedback. Had lots of time playing with the set, adding some new lighting effects and finding ways to make the set more compact and easier to put up and take down! Now its time to get ready for the festival season there's still some work to be done and tweaks to be made, but all in all a fantastic Springs!

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