Working with Young People

We take our concept and introduce it to some young people in Fitzrovia Community Centre.

So a little while ago now we worked with the wonderful children at Fitzrovia Community Centre. Aged from 6 - 10 we ran some short drama games and workshops to find out what really matters to them. What makes them happy and sad and how do they cheer themselves up.

We explored the idea of Imaginary Friends. What could they do, what were their powers and how did they help you. The children had some lovely ideas, some crude ones and some magical ones. All perfect for what we wanted. They were some days of discovery that have really helped us to shape our target audience.

Before we left, we asked them to draw their Imaginary Friends for us. There is a photo here with some of them. We loved our time spent running these sessions and we hope to do more as this project continues to grow.

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