My LibraryLAB volunteering experience

Plant Demonstration Activity experience

My name is Nasra Hassan, and I am a second year Biomedical Science student at De Montfort University. My passion for my course has led me to wanting to pursue a career in teaching science. Volunteering with DMU Square Mile LibraryLAB gave me the opportunity to deliver fun and exciting science experiments to children of primary school age. This opportunity allowed me to develop existing skills such as communicating effectively and leading experiments, allowing me to inspire the next generation of scientists. By giving them the confidence within themselves, they can share my passion for science and be motivated to continue to learn something new. I felt this activity went well and I am positive that the children left with more knowledge and inspiration.
This activity required me to demonstrate to the children how to plant seeds and grow their own plant in a pot which they were able to take home with them. I first got the children to sit at the table and explained to them the process of plant growth including photosynthesis. Majority of the kids knew exactly what it was and were able to answer questions I asked them on plant growth. They seemed well engaged and interested in the activity which was brilliant. The next thing I got them to do was to draw their own flowers and stick them within a cup where the seeds were placed inside.

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