University & Course Choices – The Dilemmas

Most of us volunteers involved in the BeScience STEM movement are either students or recent graduates. We thought it would be cool to share with you our thoughts on university.

It can be a challenge applying to University and at times like these all we need someone to understand us! The biggest challenge is to know where we want to study and what we want to study; after that it does get a bit more settled. But how exactly do we decide on where to study? A few key factors play a role in deciding where you want to study for your degree: 1) being close to home or away from home; 2) does your chosen University have the course that you are interested in; 3) entry requirements for the courses; 4) the accommodation facilities; 5) the reputation of the University? Research orientated? ; 5) teaching styles for your chosen course and within many other factors. The ultimate decision is what is right for you and where you would feel comfortable studying. One bit of advice is to always try and go for an open day and see the campus, see the people, attend the course lectures that you are interested in and ask lots of questions!

All the above, plays a key role in choosing your course of study too: in essence they go hand in hand. It is extremely important to be able to feel comfortable with the course that you are planning to embark on: most courses are for 3 years leading on to a Bachelor’s degree; however sometimes you could also apply for a direct Integrated Master’s Course – the choice very much depends on what is it that you enjoy the most when learning. It is 3 / 4 years of your life that you will be devoting to not only learning the content of the course but also in developing yourself as a person and growing into being someone amazing!

Once you have chosen your University and your Course – do not forget to enjoy the learning and also make the most of your time at University! The years will surely pass by in a blink of an eye; I hope this blog has been of help. Please do not hesitate to ask further questions, very happy to help you all!

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