Kino Alba into Ash on Film

Whilst creating Kino Alba, I had a great response from people in the screening sector, but little commitment from film makers and funders. That side of Scotland's film industry is the most depraved. I collected lots of valuable footage that gives a great insight to early cinema in Scotland, current audience trends and community attitudes toward Scottish film. But, although some film makers were initially interested in being interviewed, They either couldn't find time, or simply lost touch due to frantic schedules and multiple commitments. I fully understand this, as I know first hand how hard it is to keep afloat as a film maker and think ahead. It was then I realised, that the film making perspective that might be interesting to document is my own. How do I fund my own projects? Why am I making them? What is my journey of establishing myself in the industry?

And so, I adapted Kino Alba from being 4 conclusive videos on 4 topics, to being an open ended video blog, where I upload interviews, personal accounts and tips on film making continuously. It will serve as a resource for film makers to learn about the challenges of working in the industry, and seek solutions and advice.

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