We have completed our project with our final performance of this piece in this stage of its development!

We performed our piece to a small audience at Z-Arts Centre in Hulme on the 30th April. The show follows the story of Peter, who loses his brother in a car crash and suffers from PTSD, and his development and recovery with the help of his friend Jess. The piece is cross-art; comprising dialogue, movement/dance, original music and video clips. Thanks to the set and lights purchased with the budget from O2 Think Big we had a show that was visually impressive and this worked to help us to engage the audience and make our point in a creative and interesting way. We had some great feedback from the audience, people were genuinely moved by the performance and I think that we increased awareness of PTSD in a way that people hadn't experienced before. Such a rewarding and interesting project to be able to complete. Excited to develop this piece further!!

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