Vibe youth Radio Goes Mobile in 2016 .

Vibe turns its station to the next level in the hope to become a station of the future as Radio Changes.

Vibe are proud to Confirm we are releasing our first ever Mobile app coming firstly to Android and soon to Apple App Store , vibe is a station that in 2016 we are becoming on the move connect with the shows we have whilst on the bus home ... on your lunch break send in your requests ... you no longer need to check out our website to check us out ..vibe is soon MOBILE .

Daniel Said " Radio is always changing its not the same as the old days not many people now listen to radio via the wireless or radio's ... each year its moving Digital and in 2016 I'm Proud to say with the support of Think Big we are going to giving you two versions of the app ... Something Different and something real exciting. Not only are we going Digital and on the Move we have a few New Members joining us real soon and each member has a talent Vibe have never seen before the dates for apps will be published soon with the links ... First App will be for the google Play store hopefully it will be up before end of next week... As station Manager I am so proud of every member here in vibe and the progress we are making is awesome so massive thanks.

Week 1 - Android App - should be on the store : Fri 5th Feb 2016
Week 5 - Apple Store - Fri 4th March 2016

The changes will be the Logo you see on your devices Android Google Play store you will simply see a back background with our logo - Daniel Said " We kept this logo simple yet effective we really wanted to make a statement but not have too much detail that may put people off downloading"

with the Apple Store App - the change is the image above has Neon Waves under the Vibe logo - Daniel Said " We know many young people own iPhones we wanted it to Jump out slightly but giving it a edge ... the Neon Waves replicate the hit music we play and stays true our Hashtag #FeelTheVibe , Not only that as a team we spoken about the changes and this was a top priority.

We really hope everyone has an enjoyable experience with the new Mobile app we also know their may be tech hiccups as we change to mobile however with the new software and a company as good as we fully believe The Switch over will be enjoyable to everyone listening !!

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